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Encinitas Child Custody Lawyers | Borg & Duisters

Encinitas child visitation lawyers, child support attorneys, and child custody lawyers at the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters represent individuals with family law issues relating to their children or grandchildren. If you reside in Encinitas or any other city in Southern California and would like assistance with a family law matter, please do not hesitate to call our firm. We are strong advocates for clients and their children.

Encinitas Child Custody Lawyer | Child Support Attorney

Encinitas Child Support Attorneys Borg & Duisters work to resolve child visitation, child support, and child custody disputes. For more than 40 years, we have been offering clients personalized service in Encinitas, North San Diego County, and the surrounding areas.

Our Encinitas child custody lawyers and child support lawyers care about finding practical, cost-effective solutions for individuals seeking legal representation in post-divorce issues. To ensure each case stays on track, we provide a status meeting every month at no additional charge.

You can reach the Encinitas child visitation attorneys, child custody attorneys, and child support lawyers at our firm by calling (760) 729-2313. We will schedule a consultation appointment at a time that is convenient for you. When needed, evening appointments are available.

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Child Custody Attorneys for Encinitas, California

We understand that child custody matters can be difficult to navigate. The child custody lawyers at our firm strive to draft custody agreements that are in the interests of the child. Encinitas Attorney Duisters is a skilled child custody lawyer who helps parents achieve enforceable and sensible parenting plans.

A parenting plan that is acceptable to the court will include matters such as how much time each parent has with the child, who has primary custody, or if joint custody is preferred. When parents decide to share custody, our child custody lawyer can assist in resolving issues of timesharing and any related matters that come up.

Child Visitation Lawyers | Assistance with Parenting Plans

California law requires child visitation orders to be in accord with the best interests of the children. Most often, this means that both parents have a substantial presence in the child’s life. Encinitas child visitation lawyers Borg & Duisters help parents make equitable parenting plans and visitation agreements that allow appropriate time with each parent.

A good parenting plan will specify how various events and needs are to be handled:

Child Support Lawyers Working for Equitable Support

Child support payments are intended to ensure that the child’s needs are satisfied. This includes expenses such as healthcare, food, housing, clothing, and more. Our Encinitas child support lawyers work to make sure accurate information is used in calculating the proper amount of child support. There are many factors that are considered when determining child support:

Consult With our Child Custody, Visitation, & Support Lawyers

If you are dealing with a divorce related legal matter, schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys. Our Encinitas child support attorneys help clients with issues relating to a legal separation, annulment, divorce, or paternity case as well as any other need that involves child visitation, child support, or child custody. Please contact us today so we can begin protecting your rights and providing effective counsel.

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