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2558 Roosevelt Street

Suite 300

 Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Law Offices of Borg & Duisters Serving Carlsbad since 1974

As a retired Marine Corps Brigadier General and the former JAG, Carlsbad Military Attorney David Brahms provides skilled legal representation in a wide range of matters involving significant military law issues. Considered the west coast dean of military lawyers, General Brahms has a comprehensive understanding of the legal challenges facing men and women in the service, and he works diligently to protect the rights and military careers of his clients from every branch of the armed forces.

When the military brings charges against you, they have unlimited resources available. You need the assistance of an experienced independent military lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the military legal system, but who is no longer part of it. As a civilian Military Attorney, General Brahms will help you understand the legal ramifications of your situation and ensure that you receive a fair trial.

Military Lawyer David Brahms has provided counsel to every Oval Office since President Nixon on military legal issues, and he brings this extensive experience in handling significant military law matters to each case. General Brahms is a major authority on military matters, and has been involved in all high profile west coast military justice cases. He has been counsel to Generals and Admirals in all branches of the armed services, and has also successfully defended a long list of military medical professionals.

While in the service, General Brahms held the position of Judge Advocate General, the highest rank possible for an attorney in the Marine Corps. He began his career by graduating Harvard Law School with honors, and was valedictorian of the U.S. Army military justice school. His service career includes Active Duty in the Marines for 26 years with two tours in combat zones, for which he was awarded a bronze star for heroic duty in combat. General Brahms was also briefly the base commander of Camp Pendleton when the sitting base commander was off the base.

Whether you are in the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, contact Carlsbad Military Attorney David M. Brahms by calling (760) 729-2313 to schedule an in-depth consultation for help with your legal issue.

Military Attorney Representation in Carlsbad, California

With five decades of experience practicing military law. Military Lawyer David M. Brahms brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge while handling a wide range of cases. As a nationally recognized expert regarding military justice, he can provide skilled assistance to you in many diverse and complex legal situations, including:David M. Brahms, Esq.

Protect Your Military Career, Your Family, and Your Freedom

Carlsbad Military Lawyer David Brahms works diligently to defend the rights of clients, protecting their rights, their honor, and their freedom. With vast experience and knowledge in state, federal, and military law, General Brahms strives to not only protect your military career and your freedom, he also fights for your freedom to make professional choices when your military career ends.

For example, service members who have certain brushes with military protocol may find they are unable to practice or hold a license in their chosen field. Due to a certain classification of discharge or retirement status, a doctor’s ability to practice in the civilian world may be affected. Or, the service member may find their educational benefits or tuition assistance is in jeopardy. With a proven record of achieving successful defenses, Carlsbad Military Attorney David Brahms can protect your military career and also your rights and freedom in your life after the military.

Contact Military Attorney David M. Brahms Today

In addition to protecting the rights of service members, Carlsbad Military Lawyer David Brahms currently serves on the board of directors of the Judge Advocates Association. As the former JAG, he also offers expert testimony regarding military law and personnel matters, and his opinion has been sought by all the major television networks. General Brahms is quoted frequently in the media. He has been on “Nightline,” and has been interviewed often by Diane Sawyer. In addition, he has been an advisor on many films, including serving as technical consultant for the movie “A Few Good Men.” He also authored the president’s position on the release of the Vietnam-era POWs.

Military Lawyer Brahms serves men and women based at Camp Pendleton, in North County San Diego, and throughout the world. He provides counsel and mediation services from his Carlsbad office at the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters in Carlsbad. General Brahms continues to serve the community as Santa during the annual lighting of the Carlsbad Christmas Tree.

Call (760) 729-2313 to arrange for a confidential consultation. Or, complete our Online Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you to schedule a convenient appointment.

For quality legal representation in complex matters, Carlsbad Military Attorney David M. Brahms is prepared to help resolve the matter by representing your interests. Call our office today.

Carlsbad Military Lawyer | David M. Brahms, Esq.