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2558 Roosevelt Street

Suite 300

 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: (760) 729-2313

Fax: (760) 729-8404

Law Offices of Borg & Duisters Serving Carlsbad since 1974

San Marcos Child Custody Attorneys, Child Visitation Attorneys, and Child Support Lawyers from Borg & Duisters diligently work to resolve disputes relating to divorce with children. If you are dealing with a child visitation, child support, or child custody matter in San Marcos or anywhere in Southern California, please contact our law firm. We understand the importance of settling these issues, and we advocate firmly for the needs of clients and their families.

At the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters, we assist parents in finding solutions to custody, support, and visitation disputes. Since 1974, the experienced San Marcos child support attorneys, child visitation lawyers, and child custody attorneys at our firm have been providing individualized representation to clients in San Marcos and North San Diego County as well as across Southern California.

Our San Marcos attorneys work to create cost-effective and beneficial solutions for families dealing with legal issues. We ensure that each case is on track by scheduling complimentary status-update meetings every month.

Please contact our San Marcos child visitation lawyers, child custody lawyers, and child support attorneys at (760) 729-2313 to make an appointment for a consultation regarding your case. We are able to make evening appointments when needed. San Marcos Child Custody Lawyer | Child Support Attorney

Child Custody Lawyers for San Marcos, California

At the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters, we know difficulties can accompany various child custody matters. Our child custody attorney works to create custody agreements that advance the best interests of the child or children. As an experienced child custody attorney, San Marcos Attorney Vanessa Duisters is able to assist parents in creating legally sound and enforceable parenting plans. A successful parenting plan will include the amount of time each parent spends with the child and identify whether primary custody or joint custody will take place. If parents choose to share custody, we can help resolve the details of timesharing and other issues that may arise.

Child Visitation Attorneys & Parenting Plans

The State of California requires that child visitation orders defend the children’s best interests. This usually means both parents will enjoy substantial involvement in their children’s lives. Our San Marcos child visitation attorney helps parents create parenting plans and visitation plans that provide a reasonable and equitable timeshare for the child.

Parenting plans cover various items in the schedule:

Child Support Lawyers Who Ensure Equitable Support

The purpose of child support payments are to provide for the needs of the child such as food, shelter, healthcare, clothing and other necessities. The child support attorney at our firm ensures that accurate data is used to determine proper child support. Several factors are taken into consideration:

Consult With our Skilled Child Custody, Support, & Visitation Lawyers

Are you dealing with family law matters such as legal separation, divorce, annulment, paternity issues, or other matters that involve child custody, child visitation, and child support? If you are, please call our San Marcos child support lawyers and family law lawyers for a consultation. We work to protect your rights and provide legal counsel for your specific situation.

The Law Office of Borg & Duisters can be contacted at (760) 729-2313 or by filling out our online case evaluation page. We will set up an appointment for a consultation regarding your case. Our family law attorneys will answer your questions and explain your rights and responsibilities.

San Marcos Child Custody Lawyers | Borg & Duisters