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2558 Roosevelt Street

Suite 300

 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: (760) 729-2313

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Law Offices of Borg & Duisters Serving Carlsbad since 1974

San Marcos Divorce Lawyers from the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters know that when individuals are facing divorce, many aspects of their lives will change. Our attorneys advocate for client interests during the entire process of divorce and any related legal matters. As experienced San Marcos divorce attorneys, we protect client rights and work to bring about equitable settlements and judgments.

We have been working with individuals in San Marcos and nearby communities to bring effective resolutions to family law matters since 1974. Our divorce lawyers are knowledgeable and able to assist clients in dealing with legal details so they can move forward with life after divorce. In order to be certain that each case progresses appropriately, we meet every month with each client to address any questions or concerns. This monthly status meeting is provided at no charge.

Please contact our family law firm by dialing (760) 729-2313 and scheduling a private consultation. After we review the details of your case, our attorneys will answer any questions and provide knowledgeable advice on how to reach your objectives. We also offer evening appointments when needed.San Marcos Divorce Lawyers | Law Offices of Borg & Duisters

Divorce Lawyer for San Marcos, California

In California, divorces are always “no fault” because couples are not asked to give a reason for their divorce. Every divorce is deemed due to “irreconcilable differences.” Divorcing couples must have lived in California for a minimum of six months, and in the county (in which they are filing for divorce) for at least three months.

The consent of both spouses is not required to obtain a divorce. In the event that both parties do not agree to the divorce, this will result in a contested divorce. The Law Offices of Borg and Duisters provide counsel and representation in both uncontested and contested divorces. As skilled negotiators, we encourage couples to work towards a cost effective and practical resolution by means of mediation. In cases of contested divorce, our litigators advocate for your interests and rights in court. The first step will be completing an individualized asset worksheet.

The waiting period for a divorce in the state of California is six months.

Protect Your Interests and Your Family

Our San Marcos divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are able to provide representation and counsel throughout your divorce. We handle child custody, child support, and child visitation matters as well as business valuation and asset valuation.

Call our Skilled San Marcos Divorce Lawyers

At our family law firm, we know that divorcing couples must make abrupt changes in living arrangements, lifestyle, and in many factors affecting their children. Our family law lawyers and divorce attorneys help clients make the best of the situation and take the high road wherever possible. We also use our experience and knowledge to help clients avoid future conflicts and litigation.

Please call the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters at (760) 729-2313 to schedule a consultation with one of our respected divorce lawyers. You may also contact us through our online case evaluation page. We offer appointments during regular business hours as well as in the evening when necessary.

San Marcos Divorce Attorneys Borg & Duisters